Straight from FU: stories behind Guy Stuff

A while back we hit up a bunch of FU members to get some words ready for the Launch of FU5: Guy Stuff. We asked them to put together a quick paragraph on basically anything about the filming of FU5. The dvd is officially available in Canada now and is likely to get alot of attention real soon, it is by far the best of the FU series. Something that is consistent throughout FU5 and all the FU dvds is that the FU homies have alot of fun riding bikes together. There’s alot of good riding, good times, good filming and good editing in FU5, keep dvds alive and grab a copy, support guystuff all day.

Charlie Crumlish

We made the same kind of video, essentially, the first 3 times around. I was a little burnt out by the 4th dvd and we didn’t exactly put our all into it. It was good though, a chance to hit reset and think about how to do something a little different. I can’t thank everyone enough for coming through with GUY STUFF and the most exciting thing for me is that this is just the first video with our new formula. Can’t wait to start work on FU666.

Jake Montgomery

Well not to sound too corny, but my favorite part about the fu vids, is the same feeling I’m sure anyone watching their friends ride get. It’s watching the video and remembering the stuff that went along with each clip. So for me, my section reminds me heavily of the best bmx roadtrip I’ve ever been on. I ended up getting some clips in various cities across Canada this summer so it brings me back to those moments. And the clips I got locally only further remind me of how much I dig riding around here with the homies. FU5 def reminds me of that, to me it’s got the classic bmxfu vid vibe, but the guys are going so hard these days it makes it the best one yet. I should also mention that for the last three vids me and Andrew have been trying for a split section, and we finally got it haha. Anyways huge thanks goes to ANYONE that helped make this video in any way, especially the greatest honorary Canadian, Charlie Crumlish.

Dave Wininger

There is so much crazy shit that went down this summer it’s really hard to remember it all (marijuana is not to blame). Thankfully we captured most of it on film. Everyone in the crew was motivated to make Fu5 the best video it could possibly be. Endless clips, dozens of injuries and thousands of kilometers are part of what it takes to put a video project like this together. Most of all, great friends is what it comes down to. I’ve known the majority of these guys for over 10 years and everyone brings a unique personality and style to the group which has a lot to do with how entertaining and fun the FU videos are. Guystuff is a film that gets you excited to go ride your bike and gives you that same feeling you got when you watched your first bmx video. BMXFU has always and will always be about one thing… Fun.

Brad Hill

When I’m watching the video I’m just reminded of how good the summer was – it’s just awesome that we have such a sick product that’s a direct result of everything we were doing with our time. I’m happy to see what Charlie’s efforts manifested into, it feels like everything finally just came together to make the best FU video yet. It’s pretty unbelievable the support behind something as simple as a scene video, and strangely enough it’s reaching beyond just the riders in our community. Plus we now have proof that DSLRs aren’t all that shitty for videos like people keep saying. Either way this was a year to mark down in the books and I’m glad to see that in the last 5 years were all still doing the same old shit we did before; ride kids bikes.

Andrew White

Filming for Bmxfu videos has always been the same, going out riding with a bunch of my friends and just filming a bunch of clips. Fu5 is no different, but the level of riding just keeps going up. I was lucky enough to have a split part with Jake Montgomery this year. Jake and I have been wanting to do a split since Futu, so I’m glad it actually got to happen. He kills it. I got to travel a lot this year which made filming for this a lot easier, new spots new ideas. Keep an eye out for the next videos to come because they keep getting better. PS: Swain is the best rider ever.

Jordan Krupa

Fu5 is awesome, from the riding to the filming, it is the best dvd we put out so far. Big ups to Chuck and Bobs for everything they did to make this. Working full time all summer and having two busted ass shoulders made it hard to get as much as I would have like to but it worked out better that way, because I got to share a part with Cadot and Paul Hoerdt. These two dudes went hard and made the section. Everything about this dvd is fun, from the trips we went on to the parties we had, it’s just a reminder of what Fu is about. Goodtimes with good people. Stoked for everybody to get a copy and check it out, you wont be disappointed. FuFuFu.

Nick Dagg

Fu5 start to finish is defiantly the one of the best videos we have put out. The level of riding from everyone has stepped up so much but yet it still has our humour and laid back attitude imbedded in the throughout the video. Thinking back through the whole time filming for fu5 a couple things stand out. Filming the intro, banger hunts, and Dwan almost fighting 2 old dudes in front of a old folks home. The intro was pretty hilarious to be apart of, it all just came together perfect and the fact that 3 dudes continue working out shirtless during the whole thing is priceless. Going on some of the banger hunts was awesome, being there to witness some of the shit people have been sweatin / talking about doing all year such as Dave and Dwan was epic. Gotta give props to Charlie for all his button pushing abilities, video came out dope.

Chris Orbell

The first thing that comes to mind is what a great summer that was! Everytime we do something together we seem to top it in on way or another, whether its a party, a trip or in this case another video, we always manage to one up the last one and this video tops the rest! The riding, the editing, the music, everything about this project just feels good. I couldn’t be happier with the way the whole thing turned out and I’m stoked that Dave and I got to split apart together. I hope you all enjoy the show as much as we enjoy putting it on for you.

Shawn Swain

I love riding with this bunch of FU’s, all our sessions are nothing but fun and jokes, nothing is ever to serious but shit still gets done lol. in the making for FU5 and our past videos there are good times that clearly are seen through our riding and lifestyles, which is why I think we all get along great together on and off our bikes and what makes the FU videos so entertaining to watch over and over. I’m already getting excited for FU6 and the times and memories that will follow, as for my part in FU5 there is a couple things that have eluding me that I really wanted for this part, so watch for that in FUture edits. Big thanks to Brad, Charlie and anyone else who filmed, cult crew lotek and robbo for keepin me rollin and lookin good and fam and friends for all the support, so live it up, suround yourself with good people, and have fun, FU FU FU

Lee Dennis

This year has been crazy for me as for traveling, so me and Charlie were hardly ever in the same city at once to film. I missed out on most of the FU trips while filming for Guy stuff so when I finally got to see the full video I was amazed with all the crazy shit everyone filmed. Its awesome seeing everyone grow into their own styles and progress.

Jordan Dwan

2011 was the year of the FU, I say we got together as a whole group more this year than the past 3 years I’ve been living here. It’s always fun to ride new spots and try new shit with the atmospere of friends around cheering ya on. Best guys ever hands down doin Guystuff. Stayfu

Paul Hoerdt

You can never go wrong with hanging out with good friends and riding bikes. It doesn’t really matter where or what we do, always good fuckin times. I feel good about this video and Im sure I’m not alone on that.

Chris Cadot

Everyone killed it, and everyone went hard in filming for Fu5. A lot of Guy Stuff went on over the summer filming for the video. I was stoked on the split section with Krup, Sauce Man and myself. Shout outs go to Charlie, he managed to bang out another solid vid, the best one yet by far, Bobby and Chuck for filming, all the Fu homies and Orbells garage. GUY STUFF!

Greg Henry

Filming for FU5 was the same as filming for any FU vid, which to me is exactly the same as riding and hanging out with the homies I grew up riding with. I still can’t beieve how far this shit has come. Everyone involved with FU is as real as it gets, FU FU FU

Greg D’amico

What comes to mind right away about Fu5, is how different the video is from everything else, it’s not super serious everyone was just having fun riding and filming for Guy Stuff doing Guy things. Filming for my part was really fun, my section starts with a few weird clips from a commercial I did in the summer ” Thanks Charlie ” Lol. I’ve noticed too, since I was asked to write this little paragraph, that most of my clips were filmed in a few random days over the summer Between my hands and feet being messed up hahaha. I’m glad I held on to some of these clips instead of putting out a web edit, because of injuries I wouldn’t have had a section so thanks to Brad and charlie for talking me out of it. Guy stuff was awesome and I can’t wait to see what we come up with next.
Till next time FU FU FU FU!

Dan Cauchi

First off I want to say thanks to Charlie for including me in GUYSTUFF, Ive been following BMXFU for years and its an honor to get a section in the dvd. Filming couldn’t have gone better, I’ve never been riding out of the country so seeing all the dope spots in Buffalo got me hyped. I did alot of stuff I never thought I’d be able to find a set up for. Shout out the Matt Drew for being the sickest dude to have a split part with, we both put in work and Charlie made it look sick. The whole dvd turned out amazing, everybody has sick parts, and you should go buy it.

Matt Drew

I want to start this off by thanking Chuck and Bmxfu. I know Charlie has put a ton of work and effort into the video. Most of our part is filmed in Buffalo with a couple of random clips around Burlington. We went down to Buffalo a few times and Charlie showed us around to some of the best spots I’ve ever rode. It was sick to watch Dan proceed to kill every spot. I got hurt in july so that cut my filming off a bit early, but I’m stoked on how the part turned out!

Make sure to grab a copy of FU5: Guy Stuff from your local shop or directly at BMXFU here.