Barcelona Vacation – Update Part Four

Here’s a stack of photos from the last week of what we’ve been up to and seeing in Barcelona. Click below for more.

Jeff and Jeremy getting tans.

Dr. Hiebert – whip

Early morning mission so Dill could pop off on these stairs.

East end.

Beach moments.

Saw a street band jammin’.

Jeff’s gambling addiction worsens.

Albert fetched us oranges.

Traveled west to the Museum of Catalunya Art.

Turned around to some great views.

What started out as a joke turned in to Dillon doing superman seat grabs over this wave in the sidewalk.

We rode the famous wavy skatepark and Dillon was the first to jump the rail.

Street owl sees all.

We met up with some locals and they took us to this rail.

Just after Dillon got his clip on this rail, the cops came to kick us out. Some of the crowd seemed to really enjoy watching everyone, and this elderly man really wanted to stick up for us.

Then the locals took us to this wild contraption of a spot.

Miles and miles in the middle of nowhere Barcelona.