Taz/E51 Pro Am contest/ Canadian Hunt Premiere

24 Oct Taz/E51 Pro Am contest/ Canadian Hunt Premiere

This weekend was the Taz/E51 Pro Am contest and the Canadian premiere for the Hunt dvd. It was an awesome weekend to say the least, tons of people came out for the contest and premiere. Here’s a few random clips and photos from the weekend. Check back for more Canadian premieres in the coming weeks. The Hunt DVD should be available in Canada in the next few weeks.

Dillon Lloyd, 2nd place errthing. Embassy bird in hands.

Corey Dewey is famous in MTL, his pristine picture hangs from the taz entrance wall.

You Know Time It Is on repeat at Taz. You know what it is.

Pasquino eating Quebec healthy, Pepsi is a must. “I like it”.

Worst season start for the Habs in 70 years.

Thanks to everyone who came out, it was a good ass time! We wish a speedy recovery to Philippe Jolin at Taz.

Final Results:


1. Micheal Varga
2. Justin Hughes
3. Jason Kearnan
4. Vincent Blain
5. Maxime Bouthillier


1. Louis P├ępin
2. Dillon Lloyd
3. Max Vincent
4. Micheal Gray
5. JF Gagnon