Embassy exclusive Sour Fever trailer

17 Oct Embassy exclusive Sour Fever trailer

Chris Silva of Sour Fever hooked up this Embassy exclusive trailer for their upcoming dvd. We also hit up Silva to see what’s up with the new dvd, check it after the jump. Don’t forget to check out the video premiere at CORE BMX & Boards, Saturday October 29th at 5pm if your in the Toronto area.

Word is the Sour Fever dvd is nearly done?

Ya, we have held off on releasing web edits this year and kept the footage for the DVD. We still need to shoot a few more small things but the filming is pretty much all wrapped up. Should be on the editing table in the next week or so and planning on having it all finished up around the start of November.

When did you guys decide to do a dvd/ when did you start filming for it?

We had the idea during the late winter/early spring. Pretty much thought “why not?”, so as soon as it was nice out to ride and film we did. Been filming for about the past 5 months now.

Is it safe to say you and the rest of the team are more stoked on dvds rather than web stuff?

I know everyone is stoked on the DVD. I’m sure some of the guys wanted to do web edits this year though but it’s hard to film a good video part and do good web edits at the same time so we figured to save everything meaningful for the DVD and if clips don’t make it into their parts then we will use it for trailer footage or web edits after the video is out.

I know your stoked on everyone’s footy but who’s part do you think people will be especially stoked on?

Ya, I’m stoked for everyone but I’d say I’m most stoked on Chijioke Okafos part. The only video part he ever had was in the TenPack video and I know he filmed that right after he was able to ride from shoulder surgery. He wasn’t super stoked on it cause he knew he could do better. His section in the Sour Fever DVD represents his street riding to the fullest. He spent all year working on it and it’s so good.

That’s dope. Is the dvd pretty much all street?

It is all street except one section. One riders section is ramp only. I didn’t want to go with the trend and make a all street video so I decided to come as close to an all street video as possible with throwing in one full ramp section so it wouldn’t be classified as a street video, haha.

Haha, how much of your part is new spots you scoped out in the past year?

There is a ton on new Toronto spots in the whole video. My part has a bunch for sure. I hide and sit on spots for years, not even kidding, years. My ender clip is something I’ve been looking/thinking about for over 4 years. So glad to have got it done.

When’s the dvd dropping? How much is it gonna sell for and how can people get their hands on it?

The DVD is dropping the day of the premiere; Saturday October 29th. I’m going to be selling them at the premiere for about $5.00 just cause I like giving people who go out of their way for an event a good deal. After that I’ll be selling them at the Sour Fever Online Store at our website sourfever.com for about $10.00.
I’m also going to be putting a DVD in every order made at the Online Store as well. So if you order a shirt or a hat you’ll get a free DVD.

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