Ode To Junk Food: Pizza

I’m not sure why a junk food post about pizza hasn’t happened yet, but nevertheless it is my favourite food. It’s also definitely the perfect food for when you are on the road. Disagreements between your friends over where to eat can always be settled with a pizza place. Whether you are a meat eater or a vegetarian, there’s something for everyone, and each place has it’s own unique character. Click below to read a quick comparison of pizza in Canada’s east versus the west.

What I do want to discuss is the difference between pizza places in Canada. In the west, when we are talking about pizza by the slice, most places seem to compete on the basis of price. $1, $1.25, $1.35, etc. The slices are small, but modestly priced to reflect it. Quality (that I experienced) is so-so, and there are often loads of topping choices and combinations, but I’m there are some small slice gems out there. In the east the slices are higher priced, often ranging from $3-$4.50, but behemoths compared to their western brothers. The name alone of some places such as Toronto’s Big Slice or King Slice should give you an idea, as these slices often need two plates to hold them. Eastern Canada, or Ontario specifically, does have it’s number of mediocre chain pizzerias such as Pizza Pizza, Topper’s, Pizza Nova, etc. but most big cities will have great local places that serve mega slices that will leave you full and satisfied.

I definitely do not want to come across as some sort of pizza snob, as I will eat just about any type of it, but as a lover of thin crusted pizza, my heart lies in the east. What’s your favourite local pizza place in your part of the country? Let us know in the comments.

Some of Vancouver’s finer slices. Toppings heavy.

What $3 can get you in Toronto: a monster slice.

9 thoughts on “Ode To Junk Food: Pizza”

  1. Toppers Pizza “mediocre chain pizzerias”!!!!

    You are no longer my friend Prashant! Pizza snob!

  2. Leland "Hollywood" Nightingale

    Fuck Toppers. Toronto’s Papa Ceo’s or King Slice all day. I go pizza bulimic when I’m in Vancouver. Budgies or nothing.

  3. Jeremy youre a crazy person!!!
    Fresh Slice is to be eaten on $1 tuesdays exclusively….
    But with 5 years vancouver pizza eating experience i would like to say that my heart has a tie between the gourmet-ish Uncle Fatih’s and the greasy gettin-er-done FM Classic downtown on Pender. let it soak through the plate!

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