Spot Check: Leeside

20 Sep Spot Check: Leeside

Leeside is a famous Vancouver spot that has been around for years. Throughout the years it has changed alot, starting from a flat bank and park bench, then on to hitching post/ghetto wooden ramp setup, to what it is today. The name Leeside was chosen in memory of skater Lee Matasi. Lee was the founding force behind Leeside since it’s earliest days. In 2005 Lee was shot and killed in downtown Vancouver. Leeside is a spot that is incredibly fun to ride because of how unique it is. It is also a place where bmxers show respect to the skaters who have used their money and time to cement the setup. If you ever have a chance to check out Leeside, it’s worth the trip, and please remember to not use pegs/pedals on anything out of respect to the locals that have put in work to make this place what it is today.