Matt Desson Wallpaper/ Top 5

04 Aug Matt Desson Wallpaper/ Top 5

Here’s a Matt Desson Wallpaper we put together along with a quick top 5’s after the jump. Read on.

Cities: Vancouver, kelowna, Edmonton, Seattle, and Winnipeg

Spots: Plaza, Surrey, Penticton, third beach, and any big hill to bomb

Foods: big mac, uncle fatihs, burritos, chips, and ribs

Movies: American gangster, boyz in the hood, casino, blow, and the hang over

Riding Dvds: This is united, Please kill me, Last chance, Empire dvd, and Grounded

Drinks: Caribou Blue, Dr. Pepper, Pilsner, Rockstar Vodka, and Palm bay

Websites: the embassy, facebook, thecomeup, twitter, and netflix

Cars: Mine, 2004 vw r32, audi a3, audi r8, and toyota tacoma,

Songs: Walk of life- Dire straits, Born to run- the Boss, Don’t worry be happy- Bob marley, These eyes- The guess who, and Rough ridas- DMX

Riders: Josh Harrington, Nathan Willams, Ruben, Corey Martinez, and anyone with a pineapple

****Tripple click the photo to download in full size*****