photo by Eric Marshall

If you’ve ever had the chance to meet Dan Cook, you probably know he’s a great guy with a very funny personality. Besides the obvious English banter, he always seems to get himself into very funny situations. I’ve know Dan for a few years now and I’ve always looked up to his photos. He’s one of the few BMX photographers that tries his best to approach BMX with a different feel. “Nothing thrills me more then going out, thinking about a photo angle, setting up many flashes and catching it at the right time” he says. Click below for a few photos Dan has taken and some Q&A. If you want see more of his work take a look at his flickr.

Name: Daniel “the cat” Cook
Year born : 1985
Immigration : British born and bred, been in Canada for 2 and a half years.
Travel : I’ve been travelling pretty much since I left school, hitting major cites across Europe. Went on a 6 month trip across North America in 2008, then shortly after, a friend of mine and I decide to move to Canada.
Currently living : Winnipeg, MB
Years shooting : 4
Why film over digital : To be honest I probably shoot more digital at the moment. Alot more convenient and cheaper but I still like to shoot film whenever i can. With film I actually have to think about the shot before I take it, especially with BMX. Best feeling in the world when I finally get my 120 roll back from the lab and I find out that the barspin shot was taken at the perfect point. I do prefer the look of film for sure.
Equipment : Nikon d200, Hasselblad 500cm, Nikon fm2, Polaroid, Sunpak 544 flash with Quantum battery, Vivitar 285 flash, Sigma EF 500 Flash, Elinchrome skyport triggers, a variety of lenses and other old cameras that I dont even know the name of.
Influences : Any BMX photo that I see, David Hawthorne, beer, bros.

Taylor Elvy with a quick barspin to fakie.

Zane Mckinnon with a little wallride, and some BMX loving girl in the photo.
I thought this was a interesting photo

Cory Beal with a big hop over a trash can

Marc St.hilaire with a wallride in Winnipeg.

Marc St.hilaire with a footjam.

Brooklyn Price with a nose manual.