Spot Check: Toronto Curved Wall

13 Jul Spot Check: Toronto Curved Wall

Photo from Google Maps

Toronto’s red/rust coloured curved wall can be a fickle spot. Situated in a busy and high traffic area, trying to ride it on the wrong day and time may leave you dodging pedestrians and possibly kicked out. However, if the stars align and you end up there at the right time you can have almost endless attempts at whatever you have in mind.

Originally intended as piece sort of sculptural public art, the wall has popped up in numerous videos over the years, at the local level and beyond. It’s been ridden heavily by Chris Silva in numerous ICC videos and most notably his wall to whip in BMXFU3 (at the 2:26 mark), Garret Reeves does a wall to hard 360 in the OSS video Football (2:09 mark), and Jared Washington does a barspin out of it in Cuts (0:38 mark). These are only just a few of the tricks and video appearances (that are available online to link to) that come to mind when I think of the spot.

It is slanted back ever so slightly, and described as grippy and fast, but don’t expect anyone to tell you exactly where the spot is. We’ll leave that up to you to search for one of Toronto’s most popularized spots and have your hand at the red curved wall.