Stay Mad Monday

11 Jul Stay Mad Monday

This one comes from Andy Roode while he’s home on the east coast.

Hey ya’lllll it’s been a minute since I did a mad Monday jump off. K so here’s this weeks ……… So I recently have come back to my home town of Truro n.s. Now there’s a decent skatepark in my town which Is basically run by bmxers. Mind you Truro is a small town so when new people show up the locals know. Soo my first night there there’s no kids I know, which is fine headphones in ripping around. I’m riding having a good time and then one of the kids pop the infamous question — CAN U BACKFLIP ? My response “no”. Kid looks at me soo disappointed haha.
It’s just funny to me to see how some kids still think this is the trick that makes u a good rider.
So any kids out there who wanna get good go to your foam pits n water jumps n get ur backflips dialed in.
Oh n if ur a french Canadian and were in Vancouver on a plane. Don’t speak to me in French you fucks. That’s one goes out to Jeremy Deme. Or Jeremy Deme Burton. Stay mad french canadians we love u