Stay Mad Monday

20 Jun Stay Mad Monday

”Mad Monday, girls Getting away wit murder, #1 in a store – douchebag cuts in line in front of you , automatic yo man I was here first , or the line starts behind me ,and personal fav Yo!!! WTF man !!!!!!!!!

Now same scenario but wit a fine ass hunny – not a word outta the mouth just a smile

#2 driving -soo ur driving n some fucktard is in front of you doing whatever to piss you driving bad , too slow , always signaling n not switching lanes. Whatever. Ok soo you voice how much more intelligent u are and how ur driving skills are superb compared to theirs.  A fight may break out but one of you fuckers gotta go.

Now driving and you realize somebody sucks in front of you. For whatever reason you go to pass em n give em the finger or cut em off. But then you see the driver and she’s a hot chic. As a guy you instantly forget why u were mad n start to calm down and probably smile

#3 police most times a dude gets in trouble by the 5-0 ur going to jail got the night atleast. Not to mention fines ,court dates, blah blah.

But pretty girls usually get off right away oh I’m Sorry officer I didn’t know you couldn’t drink n drive I won’t do it next time. N boom. Nada.

Basically what I’m saying is for ever situation that may get you heated , there can be variables that may be changed to make you react differently.

All in all don’t come in too hot. Keep the stick on the ice. And stay fucking mad.”

Andy “MAD” Roode