Connected Clothing

07 Jun Connected Clothing

We hit up up Zane Hudson to see whatsup with Connected clothing. Read on to see what Zane and Connected is all about and to see some of Connected’s fresh new summer goods.

What is Connected?

Connected is currently an apparel company focused on promoting BMX on Vancouver Island/Canada. All Connected goods are limited (no reprints). If you see something you like, better cop it quick.

How did Connected start?

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, I’m super passionate about BMX. I almost have a 3 yr. old son, and I just wanted to make it part of my everyday life.

When did it start?

It started early 2010 with me making stickers, and eventually shirts. I would just sell them to my friends, family, and co- workers.

Where did the name come from?

Well when I was Iron working (structural steel) Connecting is when you get up on the steel, and put the pieces together. It just kinda clicked, everyone I talked to liked it, so I went with it. Not that cool of a story, haha. I really like the idea of collaborating so that had something to do with it too.

Who is Connected?

Connected is myself, Mike Zinger does our design/video work for the most part, and Jordan Fair helped out a little financially. Our team is super rad, especially since we cant do much for them (hopefully that changes). Thanks a lot guys!

Where can you buy Connected goods?
Grind Skate & BMX in Campbell River, ONESIX in Victoria, and BMX Gallery 4130 in Calgary. Thanks so much to those shops!
Connected goods are also available online at – our new goods are not in the online store yet, but if you cant wait, or have a shop that wants to carry our goods, hit me up at
What is your main inspirations with Connected graphics/styles?
We mostly take input from our friends, and team.We defiantly want to release some designs based on Island life, not really much else to say.

Are you guys planning any filming trips for 2011?

Yeah, definitely. I want to get the guys over to Van a few times, and make a trip to interior/Alberta. Soon as I get my passport stuff in order we wanna take a trip down the west coast.

Have you guys started filming for the Connected DVD?
Yeah, but its off to a really slow start. It’s summer now, so that will help.

What’s the future hold for Connected?
To continue to make high quality soft goods. I want to make soft goods for your bike too! grips, seats, tires, pedals, and a free DVD that will come with online purchases! hopefully get some international distributions involved.
Any thanks or shout outs?
Yeah, where to start… BMX gallery: 4130(Calgary), ONESIX(Victoria), Grind Skate & BMX(Campbell River), Taylor Leigh @, Mike Zinger, Jordan Fair, Jesse Hildebrandt, Jeff Jeglum, The team, my parents, my son Rylan, and my girl Nicole. A HUGE THANKS to anyone that has bought anything Connected, it means the world to us. If I forgot anyone, sorry.
Check here to see the Connected site, team stuff and a full run down of the new goods here.