Mad Monday

“Hey hey hey peoples !!! Mad Monday soo here’s the scoop. This ones about my homie who will remain nameless so that we stay friends. K soo having some wobble pops wit the boys on sat. Homie brings up the fact that he wants to bang this chic out. Soo I hate this girl, honestly she sucks, most self absorbed person I ever met. Every topic anyone brings up , she somehow turns the story into something about herself (ur not that interesting , you dress bad, and I bet ur box smells like formaldehyde). Ok soo homie invites the girl n her friend over n some dudes to have dinner n drinks b4 the bar. Chic is all over him , eating up his food, drinking up his Boose n smoking his Cron. Oh yeah soo is the friend.
Bout two hrs go by she’s kissing him hugging blah blah, soo he’s in. We decide on our wobble pops destination, as we are getting ready to go…………. cunt face chic dips leaving my homie after he wined n dined her, homie’s upset.
So as life goes on we all get burned by broads from time to time. It just sucks when the broad is below ur caliber. Mad monday, Duck em n don’t ever trust em.”