Devon Rohl- Bmx Gallery 4130 in Calgary

17 Apr Devon Rohl- Bmx Gallery 4130 in Calgary

Devon Rohl has been a huge part of the bmx scene in Calgary and Canada for many years now. On April 2nd he held the grand opening of his new shop Bmx Gallery 4130 in Calgary. Devon hooked up some pics of the grand opening, read on.

BMX Gallery 4130 is sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon, how sick is that. They had PBR and Old Milwaukee flowing at the grand opening party.

There were about 80 people that came for the party, including Vancouver island locals Adam Dyke, Mike Malley, Logan and Cory Clarke who made the 15 hour drive in a snow storm to come party… that’s dedication.

BMX Gallery 4130, 1604 10th Ave SW, Calgary AB CanadaOpen 12 – 8 weekdays, 10 – 6, Saturday, 12 – 5, Sunday. 403-264-4900,