James Barton Interview

After watching expert footage from Notro this year, it was clear to me that James Barton shreds hard. We hit him up with some questions shortly after Notro but held pack on posting this because he ended up having an interview on Sour Fever the day we were going to post this up haha. Check this out to learn a bit about James Barton, a name you’ll likely hear quite a bit over the next few years.

Photos by Brad HillĀ  (thanks Bobby)

How old are you?

21, trying not to count.

Where are you from?

Kingston, Ontario.

Where do you currently reside?

St. Catharines, Ontario for school. Crazy good scene here…BMXFU!

What’s your current Occupation?

Student in the winter, bike mechanic in the summer.

How long have you been riding?

Not sure. When I was 9 or 10 I started trying stunts, so 11 years? Freestyle bmx is new to me though, started that 3 years ago.

What got you into riding bmx?

Rodrigue Timellini got me started. He is a trials/bmx rider from Belgium who I was living with while I was doing the trials circuit. He brought me to these gnarly dirt jumps and let me use his old bmx bike. That was it, so much more fun than trials, no rules, just doing whatever you want. I stopped riding trials as soon as I got home.

What’s the deal with riding trials?

It was all I did from age 12 to 18. I was 2nd in the world for my age. In the elite (pro) class I achieved top 10 finishes. After all those years of training, it lost it’s fun. 6 hours per day for 6 years, and I wasn’t making any money, so I quit and picked up a bmx. Now I’ll go ride bmx for 8 hours and it doesn’t feel one bit like training, it is just fun.

What’s your favorite spot or spots?

Belleville park, so fun, very street, and no security to deal with. Queens university is the best true street spot I have ever ridden.

Where do you normally ride?

In St Catharines I’ll hit up the local park or street spots near Brock University. In the summer back in Kingston I’ll drive to Belleville as much as possible. I am riding every day though, all I really need is a curb and I’m set! haha

Who do you usually ride with?

I ride alone mostly, but I love riding with the SourFever and BMXFU crew, and anyone who is chill. Really whoever I meet once I get to the spot is who I’ll hang with.

Favorite bmx movie/movies?

Cult let em talk was sick, and the Terrible One We Love Colorado web video is unreal. Everything from Props too.

Favorite riders?

Randy Taylor has the illest style, Garrett Reynolds for his trickery, and Chase Hawk and Tom Dugan for the obvious boost factor.

How was finishing 1st at Notro in expert this year?

It was great, wasn’t expecting it. I’m pumped actually now that I think about it. The vibe there was so chill and gnar at the same time, just hangin’ with all the riders was the best part. And the riding was crazy! That jam is always a blast.

Had you rode the course before?

I did last year, those ramps always make things interesting haha!

Do you currently have any hookups?

SourFever is helping me out. The team is awesome, really just a bunch of buddies having fun on bikes. Action Village is flowing me parts, they’ve been a great help, and I am working with Ruets to start developing some parts.

What’s the best thing about Ontario?

I don’t know? I guess it has a little bit of everything. Street, parks, and fun people. I’ve always wanted to travel though.

Top 5 places you’d like to travel to?

Australia, California, and BC for riding and escape from the cold. Faroe Islands and Scandinavia to experience nature and the metal scene.

What are your plans for 2011?

None really. Riding of course, and school. Maybe I’ll go on a road trip or two. I like to wing it, plans just tie me down haha.

Any thanks?

SourFever, ActionVillage, Ruets, everyone who I’ve ridden with that has kept it chill and fun, Marty Zaback and Tyler Nicol for giving me lifts to parks, and everyone else I’ve ever bummed a ride or food off of haha! Keep it fun!

****Photos by Brad Hill********

Check below for footage of James courtesy of Ride from the Notro Jam. James’ clips are a little more than halfway through the edit.