For 2011 we are starting a Road trip feature, most bmxers have been on a road trip at some point or other and if you haven’t, you should definitely start planing one asap. In my opinion, road trips with buddies are a huge part of bmx and are almost always a guaranteed good time. We encourage anyone who’s doing a road trip this year to take some pictures, film a little edit and/or write a few words about the trip and send it in to .

The first of our Road trip starts in Trois Rivieres, Quebec. Jo Boutch, Simon Dravigne and Simon Trepanier packed up and hit the road for Florida this January. Here’s a bunch of pictures from their trip and some words from Simon.

Packing up

“I was thinking about a little road trip this winter to ride some trails, since it’s been a while . Me, Jo Botch and Simon Draw (Drevigne) were able to schedule 10 days off work at the same time, we decided on a last minute trip. We chose to hit Florida, why FL ? Good weather, straight drive down to south, cement parks, race tracks for fun, maybe trails, beaches to chill, a bunch of good reasons. We made the long drive and got to Daytona. We found a sweet park (skate only) and it was too cold to chill on the beach so we wrote off the day and moved on to Orlando.

We heard about a good set of trails in Casselberry so we decided to try and find them. We spotted 3 kids riding street and asked them directions to the trails. To make a long story short, we never moved from there haha. Big thanks to Joey , Aaron and Mike who give us the opportunity to ride their awesome backyard trails . Good times ! ”  Simon Trepanier

Casselberry Trails


Putting in work

Simon Drevigne turndown

Jo B – carve

Mark Mulville – whip

Jo Botch is known as Quebec’s main fire crotch, how stoked was he to find 2 others in Florida. Fire crotch trio.

Trail etiquette

Jo Botch

Good times

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