Mike Fiz Audio Popoff #2

“For the second instalment of my audio pop off I decided to give you an insight into what I’m actually into these days. Considering that it’s winter, most of us are stuck in subzero temperatures with the only option to ride a packed indoor skatepark or even having no option of riding whatsoever. So we tend to be less active and basically hibernate, thats why this winter I’ve been mostly into dreamy tracks that let you drift off to that place where you’re cruising the streets and sipping a couple brews with friends! Then you look out the window and your Barbecue is under 3 feet of snow…… but thats the harsh reality of things!

I guess this week turns out to be a two in two; second post ,second mixtape!  I dunno if I’ll be able to bust these every week but its kinda going in that direction, that thought aside getting back to my initial idea. Being open to whatever I put my hand on musically, I don’t really like to categorize styles but if I have to categorize what this mix consist of I would probably have to go with the term “Chillwave” like most people like to call it. Chillwave is fairly new as a genre , its influences can be easily tracked down to various styles of music, whether it is rock, pop or hip hop. I think the fact that people dont necessarily need to have a contract deal with a record company has alot to do with the evolution of all these sub genres. These long dreamy atmospheric songs I chose might be considered to be chillwave, experimental pop,instrumental hip hop, electronic minimalist, whatever you want to call them, beats me i just enjoy drifting off into my mind.

Warning: This mix is completely the antipode of what I posted last week, certainly not the type of mixtape you want to put on on a saturday night before going out, more the “next morning when your hung over and you want to chill out” type of mix.

tracklist after the jump
Embassy’s Audio Pop Off Volume II
1: Arms and Sleepers-  Matador
2: Flica-  F
3: Broken Little Sister-  Friend
4: Memoryhouse-  The Waves
5: Hard Mix-  Now Her
6: Million Young-  Gravity Feels
7: Baths-  Hall
8: Braids- lammicken
9: Foxes in Fiction-  To Go Home
10: Royksopp-  A Higher Place
11: Bag Raiders- Way Back Home”
Mike Fiz