Mike Fiz’ Audio Pop off Mixtape #1

“As my first post here on the embassy I wanted to at least have something tangible for you guys . Im no money making DJ, but I enjoy playing around with songs and making mix-tapes. So I decided to get right at it and create a little something for your mornings,evenings whatever time of day where you have your ipod. It’s nothing too special, just 10 songs I thought really completed one an other.

hope you enjoy this little 38 min creation!

full track listing after the jump!”
Mike Fiz
-1    U.S. Royalty: Monte Carlo
-2    Beach Fossils: Out in the Way(Feat. Jack Tatum)
-3    Young Rival: The Ocean
-4    Chief: Breaking Walls
-5    Yuck: The Wall
-6    Blank Dogs: Another Language
-7    Smith Westerns: Weekend
-8    Air Waves: Radio
-9    Lower Dens: Hospice Gates
-10  Warm Ghost: Claws Overhead

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