We are starting up a few new features here at Embassy. The first one being Mike Fiz’ Audio Popoff Avantgarde, since I’ve known Mike he’s known more about new music than anyone I’ve ever met. Mike is going to start doing his own music section on the Embassy site, Mike Fiz’ Audio Popoff Avantgarde. Here’s what Mike had to say about his new feature:

“For those of you who already know me, you are probably aware of my obsession for music. For those who I’ve yet to meet, well I have to admit; whether its rock, dance, indie, soul, metal, jazz, hip hop, basically whatever I can get my hand on, I’m constantly trying to discover something new that will feed my need for auditory bliss. I find that depending on how far you are willing to let go, music can be a very strong medium that can take you deep inside yourself, it can help you go through hard times, give you the extra boost needed to make something happen, or it can even bring you down to your deepest lows. This may sound cliché to someone who doesn’t enjoy music as much, because, not everyone may find music that important, but for those who can relate to what I say, there is nothing like the rush a certain song can give you or how your mind can be flooded with memories the second you hear a note. Music is and always will be something that is part of our lives, whether we pay close attention to it, or if it is just something we hear while driving from point A to point B.

When Jeremy asked me if I was willing to post about music on the Embassy site, I instantly said yeah! As much as I love to bathe in music, I also love to share my findings with others. Moments after responding to him I found myself in this sort of ADD mind-set, wondering where to start and what to share. I guess I can say that my musical tastes are very chaotic, it is like a mash-up or melting pot of different genres. Depending on what I’m doing and how I feel, they can go from one extreme to the other. I could probably consider myself some sort of musical sponge. I hope my musical tastes will make some of you discover new things. I’ll do my best to have different content every week and try to keep it as “legal” as possible (wink).  Posts will vary from album reviews, DIY mix tapes, to just naming albums that I think are a must. Some of you may not be into what I post but I will do my best to try and get something in for everyone. Welcome to Mike Fiz’ Audio Popoff Avantgarde”
– Mike Fiz

* photo by Alex Ji